Taking A Break For The A-Z

For the past couple of years I’ve taken part in the Blogging A-Z Challenge. For those of you who don’t know what it is its where you blog a post a day throughout April and each blog post must be inspired by a letter of the alphabet.


I thought initially i would do it on this blog. Recipes…food from around the word…my favourite foods (L would definitely be Lobster lol), but i really need to get back into fiction writing, and i think this could be the motivation i need.

So as i’ll be blogging every day over at The View Outside (short pieces of fiction) i won’t have the energy to blog here too *sighs* and although the Kitchen Adventure and Meal Planning will continue, unfortunately cake making might have to take a back seat 😦

See you in May! 🙂


…And Then We Were Off to Mehico!

My kids are huge fans of Mexican food. Fajitas, Nacho’s and Taco’s feature regularly in my meal plans…but tonight was a first…Burrito’s 🙂

I used a Waitrose recipe card that I picked up last week.

And remind me, next time I make these (and there will be a next time) to use the slightly larger tortilla’s. It was hard work keeping all the filling inside each one and I ended up having to serve some chilli on the side (as I couldn’t overload them).

A great success! I served them with Mexican style rice, Guac (as we call it in this house) and Sour Cream.

Is there a particular nations cuisine you find yourself cooking a lot of?