Foodie BLISS!

Today i went up to London with The Hubster for a business meeting. While he dealt with the business i wandered around Fortnum & Masons for an hour and ended up leaving with this bounty lol



The “Kitchen Linen” is an apron. I really needed one, or so I’ve been telling myself since i got home 😉 I love F&M…its up there with Libertys as one of my favourite shops in London.

Im still on the hunt for my Anchovy Butter so i bought this…



In the hopes that if i mash it with butter it’ll give the same effect….i’ll let you know…

Then it was off to Burger & Lobster in Soho for dinner (The Hubster now having finished his meeting) and then back to Piccadilly for a trip round the Japan Centre (a fantastic place, even if you don’t know what half the stuff is used for and can’t read Japanese).


Of course, a trip up to Piccadilly just wouldn’t be right if i didn’t pop into Waterstones (especially if you have a money off voucher burning a hole in your pocket). Their cookery book section is incredible and I’m always spoilt for choice…but i ended up with Harold McGee’s Keys to Good Cooking.

So thats my bedtime reading sorted for tonight 😉


Cook Book Addict Heaven!

I had to go to the bank today to pay a cheque in, and as the bank is virtually opposite Baggins Books i thought i’d just nip in and see if there was anything i fancied. You can spend hours in that shop…just look at all these cookery books!!!!!



But i wasn’t really looking for the bog standard cookery book…i wanted something a bit different, something i could read. 


These 3 caught my eye (although i have already got the Nigella but its in storage….i’ll donate this copy to my local charity shop if i ever manage to find my original copy).

Not bad for £14.50 eh 😉

Right, back to the sofa (the pIzza’s don’t need cooking until later) with a Latte and some new reading material…now if only i could stop bloody coughing! 😦

Recommend me a cook/food book… 

Meal Planning – 10th February

Last weeks meal planning was a huge success! In fact, i think it was the first week since the start of the year where i didn’t have to change anything lol.

Today we went to Tonbridge Farmers Market which was pretty good. We bought a joint of beef (The Hubsters choice), some pate’s, veg (including Jerusalem Artichokes which i haven’t had for ages) and some Black Pudding Scotch Eggs that we heated up when we got home and had for lunch 🙂


The Hubster cooked a cracking semi roast which was then followed by my sons Brownies with what was left of my Vanilla Ice Cream from earlier in the week.


And I’ve just finished off the day with hot toast and Chicken Liver and Brandy Pate lol

Next weeks inspiration for the meal planning comes from the Great British Food Magazine that i discovered recently, and as always, don’t forget to pop over to MrsM’s to see what everyone else is planning for the week ahead. You never know, you might just feel inspired to get your pinnie out 😉

photo-2 copy

This week, I’ve got a really hectic schedule (due to being ill everythings now come at once lol) so I’m just praying i’ll be able to stay on track lol

  • Monday – Pizza’s (create your own at the Pizza bar in Asda’s) as I’m out during the day and during the evening
  • Tuesday – Moroccan Beef Stew with Couscous (from Great British Food)
  • Wednesday – Minestrone soup (my own version) and Lime & Coconut Cake (from Great British Food)
  • Thursday – Rosti topped Chicken & Pancetta pie (from Great British Food) and Cheese Muffins (also from Great British Food) I’ll also be making a special chocolatey treat today 😉
  • Friday – Valentines Day! Yes, i do buy into the whole tacky Valentines thing so we’re going out for dinner…the kids will have to fend for themselves
  • Saturday – Fajita’s and Creme Egg Brownies
  • Sunday – The Hubsters in charge…

So fingers crossed it all gets done, and if it doesn’t? Well, i didn’t get my Chinese takeaway last week 😉

Whats your favourite fallback takeaway meal? 

Farmers Market Feast

Well, it should have been, but sadly, I was disappointed…

We have a local Farmers Market, and even though I wasn’t feeling too well, i was determined to go. I haven’t been for months, the reason being is that it was never that impressive. A dozen stalls if that. But, I’ve seen a lot more advertising recently, so went along today imagining this fairly large market, verging on Borough or Portobello Road. Yeah right! Ha ha ha…it was as I expected, half a dozen stalls and as many buyers as there were stall holders. Ok, perhaps I exaggerated there a little bit, but put it this way, I didn’t have to queue for anything.

We bought some cheeses, some bread and a salami looking sausage thing from a French guy that said it was pork and pepper. On our way there we had this fantastical idea that we would be able to get everything for dinner from the Farmers Market *sighs* and then drove straight to Waitrose afterwards lol

So dinner this evening was one of the kids favourites. We call it the “Meats & Cheeses” meal lol and it normally consists of exactly that. Parma Ham, Serrano Ham, Salami, Chorizo, different Cheddars, Brie, Dolcelatte with dips, breads, and various cold vegetables/salad items. Today we even managed to get hold of some of the baby onions that are pickled in Balsamic.

Ok, so I didn’t make my own bread to go with it, but that’s ok, Sundays are The Hubster’s cooking day and I quite like being just the assistant 😉