My Second DegustaBox

Arrived this week…


I only have a couple of things left over from last months box and this months will probably be the same, but I’m enjoying getting the packages…its all a little bit exciting (how sad am i? lol).

Check out DegustaBox if you fancy giving it a go and if you like them on FaceBook you could get your first box for £4.99, which is definitely a barg! 🙂

Im off to try the Chai Latte Hot Chocolate…



Today i received my first Degustabox that i signed up for last month. Im not too sure what i was expecting. I guess i’d seen the photo’s from the last 2 boxes, so when mine arrived i was a little disappointed. It seems to be full of “snacky” type things…


But, i guess like most things in life, you can’t please everyone lol. It did include some vouchers and rather handy recipes, which was nice…and lets face it, if i went to the shop and bought this little lot it would cost me over 22 smackers (the box cost £12.99 inc delivery). But i can hear The Hubster now “but this isn’t stuff you would have normally bought anyway, so you’re not saving anything.” Ok, ok, yes, there are some bits in there i never would have bought from a shop…so in that respect, its done its job, forced me to try something new…and i think thats the point 🙂 So i won’t be cancelling just yet…i’ll see what comes in next months box. I need to ask myself, is the excitement and anticipation of breaking into that box once a month worth 13 quid? lol.

If you click like on their FaceBook page they often send you notifications to sign up for your first box for £4.99…now that is a barg!

Beef stew is in the oven, French bread in the bread maker…so now, I’m off to try Apple Crisps 😉

(Apologies to The Hubster, who didn’t know anything about this box until he read this blog post…whoops! I did mean to tell you honey, i just forgot lol.)