Soupe Catalane & Tiramisu

Last nights dinner was…interesting lol. I won’t say it was a complete disaster, I enjoyed it 🙂

Elizabeth David’s Soupe Catalane

  • 3 large onions
  • 50g chopped ham/bacon
  • 1 glass white wine
  • 1 small stick of celery, chopped
  • 3 tomatoes
  • 2 potatoes
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 3 pints stock or water
  • thyme
  • parsley
  • pinch of nutmeg
  1. Slice the onions thinly and brown them in olive oil or bacon fat in the pan that you’re going to cook the soup in. Stir frequently to prevent them catching. When they start to brown, add the diced ham/bacon, the tomatoes cut in quarters and the chopped celery.
  2. Cook, stirring for a few minutes then pour in the glass of wine and let it bubble. Then add the stock, the potatoes cut into small pieces and season.
  3. Cook the soup for 30 minutes. Just before serving beat the egg yolks with a few spoonfuls of the soup, then pour over the rest of the hot soup and stir well. Add a good handful of chopped parsley.


Ok, i don’t want to criticise Ms David, i wouldn’t dare…but…this was just a little bit…meh lol. I had to double the quantities (for my lot), but i held off from doubling the amount of onions (as it was i had to take some out during the simmering stage because i knew my lot would throw a hissy fit lol). I have to admit i added a clove of garlic, not sure why, but even with that addition it was still disappointing. My middle son summed it up by saying “so i have bacon, water and bread for dinner?” Ok, well it wasn’t exactly just water, the addition of the egg yolks didn’t thicken it (was that to do with my doubling quantities?) but did give it an added richness…rich bacon water lol….and the homemade bread was good 😉

Moving on lol…For dessert i made a Tiramisu. A Gordon Ramsey version called Easy Tiramisu. Yeah, i’ll go with that. It was quick, easy, and soooo YUMMY! 🙂


Gordon’s Easy Tiramisu Recipe

highly recommend this one. My only criticism? I didn’t put the whole 50ml of coffee in the Mascarpone. I want my Mascarpone layer to be white, or whitish…not coffee coloured. I couldn’t find Marsala (thanks Morrisons!) so i used Saunternes instead, which was a great idea…will be doing this one again. Unfortunately we ate the whole thing last night so i have none for brekkie *pouts*


I was out last night so didn’t get to finish the bottle of Sauternes, and I’m out this evening too. Lets hope it will still be ok on Thursday, if The Hubsters not beaten me to it 🙂

Im not doing very well with dinner successes at the moment am i 😦


6 thoughts on “Soupe Catalane & Tiramisu

  1. My first Degustabox is on route to me as I type this can’t wait to see what goodies I will find, I did get it at the £4.99 offer so even if it turns out not to be great am sure it will have been worth it just if it turns out to be a one off

      • If I am honest a little disappointing I don’t drink tea so that went to mother in law, the milk shakes, nachos and popcorn went down well with the kids and although the pasta sauce was nice I usually make all my pasta sauces from scratch so not sure if I would actually buy it, last months box looked like I would have used far more in it so I will give it another month and then decide if I keep it up or not 😀

  2. It must be the week for it, we had tiramisu too! I used the recipe we learnt in Tuscany, but think my egg whites needed to be a bit stiffer as it was slightly runnier than I’d have liked. Tasted good though! xx

    • Thanks Kate,

      I made it last year with the raw eggs, but, i dunno, i feel a little bit squeamish about raw eggs and as i was eating it, its all i could picture lol. Love the fact that this one doesn’t use any 😉


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