Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Spent a lovely morning with my friend Janet at Lady Dinah’s (which if you haven’t heard about is a new cafe in Bethnal Green where you have your tea and cake with a family of cats!). Here’s a selection of pics 🙂



Adam took a shine to us, or was it Janet’s tuna sandwich?


Hamster wheel for cats!

Cat gym bookcase.

Rose flavoured icing.

I loved the mismatched pretty china, the cats (a mum, her kittens and sister, all rescue cats), the decor and the menu (homemade cake!). I didn’t like the fact that we weren’t given the option to sit downstairs (there’s a comfy area with sofa’s down there), that I had to ask for a teaspoon which never arrived (I stirred my latte with a pen in the end) and that you don’t get a receipt or anything when you pay (it would be a nice touch to have something to take away…they didn’t even have a business card I could take).

And as for the cake…

I had the Rose & Citrus which was covered in Rose petals….ooooo, gorgeous!


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