Meal Planning 10th March

Last weeks meal plan went really well (which makes a change). I managed to cook everything on the list plus be treated to my sons White Chocolate Cheesecake…



and dineer cooked for me on Sunday by The Hubster 🙂



I spent yesterday afternoon sitting in the sun reading Nigella…looking for inspiration for this weeks meal plan which i hope goes down well…



  • Monday – Omelettes/Frittata’s (i can never really decide which they are lol) & Homemade bread
  • Tuesday – Pizza’s & Nigellas Stem Ginger Bread
  • Wednesday – Im up London all day so The Hubster is in charge
  • Thursday – Nigella’s Ham & Veal Pasta
  • Friday – Nigella’s Chicken Soup, Homemade Bread & Victoria Sponge
  • Saturday – Deli Meats & Homemade bread
  • Sunday – TGI’s (my sons Birthday on Saturday)

Im looking forward to doing some baking and i have a new piece of kit on order which i need to pick up on Tuesday…excited! 🙂

Please pop over to Mrs M’s to see what everyone else is planning for the week. Theres also a FaceBook page. Im off now to have a butchers 😉

What are you cooking this week?


6 thoughts on “Meal Planning 10th March

  1. I judge the omelette/frittata by depth if I can cook it on the hob it is an omelette, if it is too thick and has to go under the grill to cook the top it is a frittata lol although I think the difference is supposed to be the frittata has potato in it

    • Ha ha ha, I’m with you there Paula! Mine seem to be very deep and very full of stuff 😉 Unfortunately, they didn’t get cooked yesterday as The Hubster arrived hoe early and took me and my daughter out for a late lunch lol


  2. Love cheescake. Lorraine Pascale has a good recipie for one too. Looking forward to the ham pasta. I’m expecting to have leftovers to use up next week so it would be good to know how that turns out.

    • Thanks Debbie, will post about it…but I’m thinking i might use something else other than Veal…you just don’t see it in the shops here 😦 Perhaps pork? Or at a push, turkey?


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