Coffee & Walnut Cake

Today i made use of a couple of those recipe cards I’ve been picking up in Waitrose.

Simple Chicken Paella was simple…but bland 😦

photo-2 copy


But it was the first time I’ve ever used this…

photo copy


I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in a supermarket before.


I even added an extra stock cube to the dish, but there was just something missing.



I wouldn’t say it was a complete disaster, it was still edible and filled a hole. Thank gawd i had the sense to serve it with some bread lol

Unlike the Classic Coffee & Walnut Cake which was very yummy!

photo copy 2


I shall be having another slice with a cuppa tomorrow!



Whats been your most recent meal disaster?


7 thoughts on “Coffee & Walnut Cake

  1. Sorry to hear the paella was bland. It’s normally has a bit of kick when I make it, but then I love chorizo in. Did you use soem of that?
    The coffee and walnut cake looks amazing!

    • Thanks Debbie…it was edible and that was about it lol 😉 We did say when we were eating it, it needed Chorizo lol…but i STUPIDLY followed the recipe so didn’t put any in…you live and learn 😉

      It was!


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