Today i received my first Degustabox that i signed up for last month. Im not too sure what i was expecting. I guess i’d seen the photo’s from the last 2 boxes, so when mine arrived i was a little disappointed. It seems to be full of “snacky” type things…


But, i guess like most things in life, you can’t please everyone lol. It did include some vouchers and rather handy recipes, which was nice…and lets face it, if i went to the shop and bought this little lot it would cost me over 22 smackers (the box cost £12.99 inc delivery). But i can hear The Hubster now “but this isn’t stuff you would have normally bought anyway, so you’re not saving anything.” Ok, ok, yes, there are some bits in there i never would have bought from a shop…so in that respect, its done its job, forced me to try something new…and i think thats the point 🙂 So i won’t be cancelling just yet…i’ll see what comes in next months box. I need to ask myself, is the excitement and anticipation of breaking into that box once a month worth 13 quid? lol.

If you click like on their FaceBook page they often send you notifications to sign up for your first box for £4.99…now that is a barg!

Beef stew is in the oven, French bread in the bread maker…so now, I’m off to try Apple Crisps 😉

(Apologies to The Hubster, who didn’t know anything about this box until he read this blog post…whoops! I did mean to tell you honey, i just forgot lol.)


8 thoughts on “DegustaBox

  1. Interesting Vikki, It seems to be a bit like Graze with just less nuts and pulses. Who on earth nibbles on sunflower seeds? so this box looks like worth a go.Have liked on FB so will await the hopeful voucher!

    • It should appear in your news feed Julie (make sure your notifications are turned on for their page), so keep an eye out for it… I’d already signed up when i liked their page on FB so was gutted i couldnt click the link they put out for the £4.99 offer 😦

      Be warned though honey….you’ll probably be getting the next box, so it will be completely different. Have fun!


  2. Looks interesting. Good on you for trying something new. Julie, sunflower and pumpkin seeds are fantastic snacks. I actually don’t keep them around because I’ll eat them until my tongue hurts (from the salt/spice).

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