Lazy Days…

Thats what I’ve been having. Well, the past two anyway. Had to have some dental work done on Wednesday which left me in no mood to shop or cook. So the kids have been living off quick stuff (pizzas and burgers) while i got treated to a meal out to cheer me up 😉

But…i did manage to throw some stuff together for a portion of Butter Pecan Ice Cream which went down well. My only criticism of the recipe (click the link above) is that it says to bring to the boil and then to simmer the mixture, stirring occasionally…ummmm, yeah, right, this is a custard we’re making. So if you’re going to try this i’d recommend stirring frequently, unless you want lumpy custard and a burnt pan bottom lol



Bloody good though 🙂

Date night tomorrow, so no dinner required..i will however be baking on Saturday…something I’ve never tried before, but especially close to my heart…


2 thoughts on “Lazy Days…

  1. Now how is your diet going, Vikki, with all these delights flowing out of your kitchen?
    Dentistry, now that’s another story. I tried going to an NHS dentist recently, only to discover that she didn’t scale teeth on the NHS unless the gums were in a very bad state. So much for preventative dentistry. So I bit the bullet and paid her for a scale, which turned out to be a ten-minute work over by the equivalent of a sand blaster. Suspecting that it was a rubbish scale, I went home and used a disclosing tablet and confirmed my suspicion. Result — I had to go back to my private dentist to have my teeth scaled again. Moral of the story — it costs twice as much to get your teeth seen to by an NHS dentists, as most of the work needs re-doing.
    So, are you going privately or on the NHS? I love having teeth, but they are so expensive to keep in one’s mouth, or put back where they’ve fallen out, as the case may be.
    Hope you can smile again 🙂

    • Not very well Sarah, as you can imagine lol

      Ahhhhh, I’m with a private practice too….when i moved here there wasn’t one NHS dentist who was taking on patients, so it was that or nothing lol…but I’m glad i am as I’ve heard so many horror stories. Problem is, like you say, it cost so much that i only tend to go when I’m desperate lol


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