Meal Planning – 24th February


Last weeks meal planning went well, but Fasting was a complete nightmare lol. Ok, i know diets aren’t supposed to be pleasant, but, bloody hell, it was pure torture! I hope this week will be better. Im sure that was one of the reasons i felt so rough last week 😦

Anyway, this week, I’ve been inspired by several sources. The first one was Food & Drink, when i saw chef Gennaro Contaldo cook Lasagne, and then by having breakfast on Saturday morning in Leon 🙂

So heres how this week is shaping up…

  • Monday (today) – Lasagne & Garlic Bread (i have never made my own Lasagne lol)
  • Tuesday – Fasting/Pizza for the kids
  • Wednesday – Leon’s Sesame Chicken with Spring Greens and then Rice Pudding
  • Thursday – Fasting/something for the kids (to be chosen as I’m walking around the supermarket lol)
  • Friday – Takeaway
  • Saturday – Jacket Potatoes with a selection of fillings & home made bread
  • Sunday – Fasting/The Hubster’s in charge of the kids meal

I’ll also be taking part in another baking challenge 😉

Please pop over to Mrs M”s for more meal planning inspiration.

What will you be serving up this week?


5 thoughts on “Meal Planning – 24th February

  1. Just made lasagne yesterday. It reminded me how lovely home made is. Delicious! I tried the 5:2 diet and it only seemed to work for the first four or five weeks so I gave up. I’m not going through that for no weight loss. It does get easier though.

      • Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound negative about it. Different things work for different people. Slimming World works best for me, but I know others it doesn’t work for. If you had success last time you should be able to do it again. Did you have three fasting days last time? Take care R

      • Noooo, don’t be silly, you didn’t 🙂 I know a few people who have had HUGE success with Slimming World…i just know eating all that food won’t make me lose weight lol 😉

        Yeah, i normally do 3 fasting days, i find that fits in with my life easier 🙂


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