Meal Planning – 17th February

Yesterday, we had a Chinese Takeaway for dinner.  I really must get my front tooth fixed!(broken crown that I’ve not been abe to get properly fixed due to being ill) I had to resort to cutting up my Prawn Balls and the Fajita’s we had for dinner today *sighs*

Still, I’m sure i’ll manage the Creme Egg Brownies that i made this afternoon. I haven’t had one yet, but they have the thumbs up from The Fam 🙂


Which brings me nicely onto the subject of diets lol. We’ve decided to go back on the 5:2 Diet. Last year i lost 2 stones (28lbs) doing it for 6 months, but what with the house move and my new found love of baking, things are getting out of hand lol.

So for 3 days every week i’ll be fasting again, so I’m sorry to say, there will be no post here on those days. I won’t even be able to look at a cookery book, let alone talk about food on fasting days. Wish me luck 🙂

So this weeks meal planning takes the 5:2 into account and has seen me return To Nigel Slaters Kitchen Diaries. Don’t forget to check out MrsM’s Blog for more inspiration.

  • Monday – Chicken Patties & Treacle Tart
  • Tuesday – Fasting – Pizza for the kids
  • Wednesday – Pork with Garlic (stir fry) & Lemon Tart
  • Thursday – Fasting – Chicken Kievs for kids
  • Friday – Takeaway
  • Saturday – Slow Roast Lamb
  • Sunday – Fasting – Pasta of some description for the kids
  • PLUS – At least one loaf of bread from the bread maker

No cake this week *shock horror gasp* but 2 tarts instead, which no doubt will come with cream or custard…well, I’m easing myself into the diet gradually 😉

What are your food plans for the week?


15 thoughts on “Meal Planning – 17th February

    • Ha ha ha, yeah, i guess it is really Janet…I found 3 days was better last year so i’ll do the same again i think. I know someone who did Alternate Fasting, she lost LOADS!

      Ooooo, good luck honey! 🙂


  1. Good for you re the 5:2. Really interested to hear you had great success with it last year. I tried it for 3 weeks with very mixed results and then we went on holiday last week and it all fell apart……

    I know what you mean re avoiding thinking about food on fast days, I couldn’t write shopping lists, read recipe books, watch food programmes, anything food related which I normally LOVE. Haven’t yet decided whether to go back to it or not.

    Hope you have a good week x

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