Cook Book Addict Heaven!

I had to go to the bank today to pay a cheque in, and as the bank is virtually opposite Baggins Books i thought i’d just nip in and see if there was anything i fancied. You can spend hours in that shop…just look at all these cookery books!!!!!



But i wasn’t really looking for the bog standard cookery book…i wanted something a bit different, something i could read. 


These 3 caught my eye (although i have already got the Nigella but its in storage….i’ll donate this copy to my local charity shop if i ever manage to find my original copy).

Not bad for £14.50 eh 😉

Right, back to the sofa (the pIzza’s don’t need cooking until later) with a Latte and some new reading material…now if only i could stop bloody coughing! 😦

Recommend me a cook/food book… 


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