Meal Planning – 10th February

Last weeks meal planning was a huge success! In fact, i think it was the first week since the start of the year where i didn’t have to change anything lol.

Today we went to Tonbridge Farmers Market which was pretty good. We bought a joint of beef (The Hubsters choice), some pate’s, veg (including Jerusalem Artichokes which i haven’t had for ages) and some Black Pudding Scotch Eggs that we heated up when we got home and had for lunch 🙂


The Hubster cooked a cracking semi roast which was then followed by my sons Brownies with what was left of my Vanilla Ice Cream from earlier in the week.


And I’ve just finished off the day with hot toast and Chicken Liver and Brandy Pate lol

Next weeks inspiration for the meal planning comes from the Great British Food Magazine that i discovered recently, and as always, don’t forget to pop over to MrsM’s to see what everyone else is planning for the week ahead. You never know, you might just feel inspired to get your pinnie out 😉

photo-2 copy

This week, I’ve got a really hectic schedule (due to being ill everythings now come at once lol) so I’m just praying i’ll be able to stay on track lol

  • Monday – Pizza’s (create your own at the Pizza bar in Asda’s) as I’m out during the day and during the evening
  • Tuesday – Moroccan Beef Stew with Couscous (from Great British Food)
  • Wednesday – Minestrone soup (my own version) and Lime & Coconut Cake (from Great British Food)
  • Thursday – Rosti topped Chicken & Pancetta pie (from Great British Food) and Cheese Muffins (also from Great British Food) I’ll also be making a special chocolatey treat today 😉
  • Friday – Valentines Day! Yes, i do buy into the whole tacky Valentines thing so we’re going out for dinner…the kids will have to fend for themselves
  • Saturday – Fajita’s and Creme Egg Brownies
  • Sunday – The Hubsters in charge…

So fingers crossed it all gets done, and if it doesn’t? Well, i didn’t get my Chinese takeaway last week 😉

Whats your favourite fallback takeaway meal? 


10 thoughts on “Meal Planning – 10th February

    • I was a little disappointed though Kim, as the black pudding seemed to be mixed with sausage meat…i was expecting it to be totally black pudding, but perhaps that would just be too much lol


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