Anchovy Butter?

It was date night last night, so The Hubster and i went up to London to see a play and have dinner at Brasserie Blanc in Charlotte Street. Im a huge fan of Raymond but i’d never been to one of his new Brasseries…i wasn’t disappointed.

In intimate little Bistro type place with booths for guests, brown paper on the tables (i liked that, The Hubster didn’t) and a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. More Cafe Rouge than Le Manoir 😉

My Chicken, Prune and Almanac Confit was meaty, melt in the mouth but lacking a taste of Almanac (which was probably a blessing for me lol).


And i was shocked to find Kidneys on the menu, braised in red wine. They were served with “smooth mash” that was a bit lumpy but at least they didn’t come rare (something I’m really not keen about when it comes to offal).



For dessert i had an Apple Tart with Salted Caramel Ice Cream…ha ha ha…or so i thought… But one mouthful of the ice cream made me realise it was vanilla, so whether they had forgot, or run out? Still, it would have been nice to have told me lol



But the highlight of the evening, and something that will have me going back to one of the Brasseries is the Anchovy Butter…Oh my, where do i start? I didn’t take a picture because really, it was just this small unnasuming bowl of pale butter, but when you spread it on the warm bread that came with it…WOW! I seriously wanted a bowl to take home! 😉

Great food, great play, great company, great night…roll on the next one 🙂


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