Breakfast Is Served

You have to be quick at Chez Thompson if you want to breakfast like a king.

Every morning, just as it becomes light, me and Albie go out into the garden (I’m usually in my dressing gown) to fill up the bird feeder. Each day the birds are treated to something different. This morning it was almond crossiant, crusts from yesterdays cheese sandwich (with the odd bit of cheese) a couple of biscuits and some new potatoes from the stew last night. I put everything in a processor and blitz it to crumbs. Whatever left overs we have at the end of the day (that are suitable obviously) go into a bowl for blitzing the following morning. I mix all that with some wild bird seed and they love it.


The Wood Pigeons are usually first to arrive, followed by the Starlings, Sparrows, a pair of Blackbirds, one tiny little Robin, some Collared Doves, a couple of Blue Tits and then finally a pair of Magpies. Its the same every single day, and i often find myself wondering if i should be serving lunch and dinner too 😉


Crazy when you think i live in the middle of a town.

No cooking today, its “Date Night” so we’re out for dinner and a show.


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