Chicken in A Crust

When the kids saw their dinner this evening they were convinced it was a pie (again), but no, it was Jamie’s Chicken in a Crust. Ok, so mine didn’t look as pretty as Jamie’s, and i cheated by buying a chicken crown rather than a whole bird. But the meat did seem really tender. Would i go to all that effort again? Probably not. I think you’d get the same effect if you roast it in one of those bags.


I served it with Nigel Slaters Cheese smothered potatoes and a 3 Cheese bread from the machine.



Which contained Pecorino, Dolcelatte and Mozzarella.

For dessert i made Tosset Cakes. Ive been watching Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night feast, and i love that they have been highlighting English classics that are in danger of extinction. I ended up with 32 cakes/biscuits (but the recipe will make more if you roll them out thinner).



Im not really sure what i was expecting, but after eating a couple i was a bit bored…so gawd knows how long its going to take to get through this lot lol




3 thoughts on “Chicken in A Crust

  1. I too watched the programme with the chicken in a crust. It looks very dramatic. Have you thought about doing the chicken on the can as well. I liked that idea as I thought it would cook nice and evenly without using a rotisserie thingymajig. What was in the Tosset cakes, I didn’t see that bit?

    • Yeah, i thought about doing the can one Rachel, but my ovens really small lol..theres no way i’d get the bird in it upright lol

      Tosset Cakes are basically like a shortbread biscuit but they have crushed Coriander and Carraway seeds in them. They were ok, but, not earth shattering. One of my sons said they were boring and not worth the calories lol


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