Meal Planning Monday

Its Monday again…the days seem to be flying by. If only they would take this bloody virus i have with them. Mentally I’m not functioning properly (lack of sleep) and physically I’m drained. But, like i was saying to someone the other day, us “mums” aren’t allowed to be ill are we *sighs*

Ok, back to business…


Pop over to Mrs M’s if you’re in need of inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚

Last week there were 2 planned meals that didn’t make it to the plates due to The Hubsters Op that i didn’t write on the calendar *whoops* and then Saturday it was a case of just not fancying what i’d planned ย (so we had hotdogs lol). Then of course there was my daughters request for chocolate cake. I wouldn’t mind but i don’t evenย like chocolate cake lol

So this week I’m planning:

  • Monday – Nigel Slaters Chicken Pie and Poached Apples (both from The Kitchen Diaries)
  • Tuesday – Nigel’s Lamb Stew & Cider Bread (both from The Kitchen Diaries). I’ll also be trying my hand at Maids of Honour using a Delia recipe.
  • Wednesday – The Hubster is in charge of dinner as i’ll be up London all day.
  • Thursday – Jamie Oliver’s Chicken in a Crust (as seen on Jamie & Jimmy last week)
  • Friday – Date Night…The Hubster and I will be at a show…I’ll get the kids Pizza’s they can cook themselves.
  • Saturday – Nigel’s Quick Spiced Beef ย and Almond, Marzipan & Berry Cakes (both from The Kitchen Diaries).
  • Sunday – The Hubster is in charge ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hopefully this will be the week that i discover the joys of sleeping in my own bed (rather than the sofa) but first things first…Drs this morning…it would be nice to actually taste food again at some stage lol


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