Meal Planning Monday


Today is Meal Planning Monday but as i discovered Delicious magazine earlier in the week, i feel like I’ve been planning since last Wednesday lol. This week I’m using their most recent publication for our meals 🙂


  • Monday – Spag Bol with Ciabatta
  • Tuesday – Chilli Beef Cornbread Pie (from Delicious – not sure what to put with this lol)
  • Wednesday – Bacon, Leek & Cheddar Tart (from Delicious) with salad
  • Thursday – Macaroni Cheese (Jamie Oliver recipe) with gammon
  • Friday – Takeaway
  • Saturday – Hot Smoked Salmon Fish Cakes (from Delicious) with veggies
  • Sunday – Who knows…The Hubsters in charge 😉

I’ll also be baking…

  • Sticky Clementine Cake (from Delicious)
  • Cherry Cake (a recipe a friend posted to her blog)
  • Something from the bread maker

So today will be a relatively easy day on the dinner front, although I will be using the bread maker to make Ciabatta 🙂


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