Yesterday I baked my first loaf in the bread maker…A Cheese & Bacon loaf.

It came out really well and was much nicer than I remember it being with my old machine.

I can’t wait to try another one!

I know it’s kind of cheating, using a bread maker, but I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with having a helping hand in the kitchen, after all, I did make short crust pastry while the loaf was cooking *pokes tongue out*

Which brings me nicely round to Nigel’s Sausage & Potato Pie. I have a really bad habit. I don’t seem to be able to follow a recipe lol. I have to tinker, fiddle with it. I blame my kids. When they were younger it was a case of trying to hide veg in their food. The greatest challenge was onions. I still have to grate them into most dishes I serve even now 😉

So I tinkered with the recipe and came up with my own version. This is for one pie.

Sausage and Potato Pie Alla Nige

10 of your favourite sausages (but depends on the size of your pie plate/dish)
2 large potatoes
1 pack Shortcrust Pastry (I made my own yesterday, but next time I’ll use a packet, that way I won’t forget the salt lol)
1 onion
Herbs, Seasoning & Eggwash

Peel and quarter the potatoes. Blanch, dice, then wash (to remove the sticky starch) and set aside. Take the skin off the sausages and mash together with your hands. Dice the onion and sauté until translucent. Drain on kitchen paper to get rid of the oil and add to the sausage mixture when cool. Add potatoes to the sausage, season and add any herbs you fancy (one of my sons doesn’t like herbs, but he does like chilli, so I’m thinking i could add some next time) and give a final mix. Place the mixture in a pie dish/plate.

Roll out the pastry and lay it over the sausage. Trim, seal and wash with egg. Cut a slit to allow steam to escape.

Bake in the oven until the pastry turns golden. I put mine in at 180 degree’s for about 50 minutes and served it with roasted vegetables (butternut squash, quartered onions, whole tomatoes, peppers & chunks of courgette).

Enjoy! I did 🙂


17 thoughts on “Cheat!

  1. I never thought to throw extra things into the bread machine I tend to be really lazy and just buy packet bread mix and throw that in, must find the recipe book I bought when I got it ::D

      • I decided to cheat even more grabbed a packet of bread mix, some cubed pancetta and grated mature cheddar and just threw it all in. In hind sight possibly would have been a little better adding cheese and bacon after the first rise had finished in the machine but still turned out really well and everyone loved it 😀 Thank you for the inspiration

  2. Looks good. Nothing at all wrong with a little helping hand in the kitchen. I love my bread machine. I don’t bake the loaves in it though. I just do the dough cycle, one quick knead on the table, shape my loaf, and one final rising before baking. Thankfully with the bread machine I can make good sandwich eating bread.

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