Sometimes, You Just Have To Improvise

Yesterday morning i saw my first frost here in Kent when i put some more of the Panettone left over from Christmas out for the birds at 7am. Ive never really understood the attraction of Panettone….its just like Brioche lol

Anyway, John Lewis let me down big time… I needed a doughnut tin aka a Savarin tin. And nope, they didn’t have any. Ok, I could have run round all the shops, trying to find one, but, life’s too short…who needs a doughnut tin 😉

So my doughnuts weren’t exactly doughnuts in shape, but then, they weren’t really doughnut in texture either! Whats that all about?. It was more like a very light chocolate cake. My daughter said they reminded her of Whopee Pies. Very disappointing GBBO *shakes head*

But we made the best of a bad lot and I served them with a hot butterscotch sauce (with chopped Macadamia nuts) and cream 🙂

And i won’t be making those again in a hurry 😦

I can’t really complain about John Lewis too much, I did manage to get my new toy…

Exciting 🙂 Cheese & Bacon bread coming up *giggles*


3 thoughts on “Sometimes, You Just Have To Improvise

    • Thanks Chris, did think about that, but it’s a plain one, no fruit, and besides, the birds are now having THEIR Christmas 🙂

      Will check out Lakeland though. I would have ordered one online, but just didn’t think John Lewis wouldn’t have any lol


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